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Bamboo Tea Bags & Coffee Pods Drawer Organizer Black Finish

$47.95 USD
Optimize your kitchen space with our Bamboo Tea Bag and Coffee Pod Organizer. Made from superior bamboo, this eco-friendly and stylish organizer efficiently declutters and organizes your tea and coffee supplies. Its versatile design and adjustable sections make it perfect for neatly storing tea bags, coffee pods, and brewing essentials, transforming your beverage area into a well-organized and accessible haven. Say goodbye to messy drawers and embrace a tidy kitchen.
  • Store More Efficiently - Capable of storing over 200 tea bags or 20+ coffee pods. It includes 12 compartments (5 fixed, 7 adjustable) and 7 removable dividers, allowing up to 10 customized sections.
  • Larger Capacity - Uniquely designed to expand more than typical bamboo organizers, it offers an extra 0.5” in height, significantly increasing storage capacity for your tea and coffee essentials.
  • Supreme Quality - Constructed from 100% bamboo for durability and aesthetic appeal. Features robust lap corner joints, a reinforced bottom panel to prevent sagging, and anti-slip rubber pads for stability in the drawer.
  • Quality Come First - KitchenEdge is at the forefront of innovation and quality in bamboo kitchen drawer organizers. Each product is made with premium specifications, ensuring a consistent, high-quality look and feel across your kitchen drawers.
  • Dimensions: This organizer is 17.25” L, 2.5” H, and expands from 9.5” to 17”
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs

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Bamboo Tea Bags & Coffee Pods Drawer Organizer Black Finish

$47.95 USD

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Crafted from durable, bamboo, this organizer boasts a modular design equipped with adjustable dividers. You can effortlessly tailor the compartments to perfectly accommodate your tea bags, coffee pods, and brewing accessories. It simplifies your beverage storage, maintaining everything in a neat and easily accessible manner.

Versatility At Its Best

The sides can be expanded in wider drawers, creating an additional large section. This adaptability makes it suitable for storing larger items such as utensils, measuring tools, and beverage-related accessories. The non-slip base ensures the organizer remains securely in place, even with frequent drawer openings and closings. Bid farewell to disorganized drawers and embrace an efficient, well-structured tea and coffee station.


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