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Rice Fiber Cutting Board Set with Bamboo Stand

$29.95 USD
Meet our top-tier Two-Piece Rice Fiber Cutting Board Set—durable, stylish, and versatile. The boards with a non-slip bamboo base and juice rim make for a clean and organized countertop. Elevate your culinary experience with this functional and easy-to-maintain set, perfect for slicing and chopping. Hand washing is recommended.
  • Sustainable Rice Fiber: Environmentally friendly and moisture-resistant, ideal for a versatile and eco-conscious cutting board that enhances blade life.
  • Two Sizes for Any Use: A set of two boards to choose the perfect size for various cooking tasks, ensuring versatility in the kitchen.
  • Non-Slip Bamboo Stand: Includes a stable bamboo stand with non-slip silicone feet, keeping the boards organized and secure during storage.
  • Perfect Gift for Cooking Lovers: An essential tool for home chefs, the Rice Fiber Cutting Board Set is an ideal gift for those who value durable, high-quality materials in their culinary endeavors.
  • Dimensions: Large Board (15.5x11in), Small Board (13.5x9.5in), Height: 0.25in. Hand wash recommended.
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

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Rice Fiber Cutting Board Set with Bamboo Stand

$29.95 USD

Two Cutting Boards, One Package

Unleash your culinary creativity with our Two-Piece Rice Fiber Cutting Board Set. This versatile collection offers two distinct sizes, providing the flexibility needed for various food preparation tasks. Whether you're delicately dicing herbs or expertly carving large roasts, you'll always have the perfect board for the job.

Quality Materials Meet Long-Lasting Performance

Designed to endure the sharpest blades and the messiest culinary adventures, our thick cutting boards are crafted from premium rice fiber. Immerse yourself fully in the art of culinary creation, knowing that these boards are up to the challenge, offering both durability and exceptional performance.


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