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Bamboo Drawer Organizer for Silverware & Utensils (Expands 10.5-19in)

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$44.95 USD
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This bamboo drawer organizer combines functionality and charm with its expandable design for 10 to 20-inch drawers. It features eight compartments for neat storage of kitchen essentials, exuding elegance and durability in natural bamboo. Perfect for any kitchen size, it's a stylish solution to maintain organization and eliminate clutter.

Note: Utensils and accessories shown in images are not included with the organizer.

  • Efficient Flatware Storage - 5 compartments for forks, spoons, and knives with ergonomic dividers.
  • Maximized Storage - 8-compartment organizer (7 fixed + 1 adjustable) measuring 10.5" wide and 2.75" tall.
  • Elegant Durability - Crafted with 100% bamboo, solid bottom panel, support frame, and anti-slip pads.
  • Premium Quality - Unmatched innovation and consistent ultra-premium specifications.
  • Dimensions: Fits 10.5" x 17.25" drawers, expanding to 19". Requires a minimum 18" drawer depth.
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs

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Bamboo Drawer Organizer for Silverware & Utensils (Expands 10.5-19in)

$44.95 USD

Lasting Strength and Value

KitchenEdge Bamboo organizers are the hallmark of durability. Designed to withstand daily kitchen activities, they maintain their structure and resist wear and tear, unlike other materials. When you choose bamboo, you're not just choosing longevity but embracing sustainability.

Modern Yet Welcoming

Our organizers effortlessly blend contemporary design with a welcoming ambiance. The sleek, modern, and inviting warmth of KitchenEdge organizers create a serene and inviting kitchen atmosphere. Say goodbye to the days of haphazardly storing utensils; embrace the newfound joy of neatly arranged kitchen essentials.


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